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My name is Sharon Bowman.  In 1984, I married a man who has been the best example of God's unconditional love to me, Ray.  We met in the most unconventional way ~ but I thank God each day for giving me such a wonderful husband.

I have had the privilege to be Mom to 3 amazing children.  My first child was Tyler, who is now 22 and attends Texas A&M.  I know that there is no perfect child, but if there were, Tyler certainly would have been the poster child!  As a toddler, I could tell my son “no, no, don’t touch that” and he would never touch it again!  He was obedient, compliant and a joy to everyone.  I honestly didn’t know what the big deal was about parenting… it was so easy!

Then, my second child, Landon, was born.  Let me tell you, from the
moment he entered this world, I knew he was different!  When Landon was a toddler, I became best friends with Dr. Dobson and I finally surrendered to the idea that my small child could outsmart me and out maneuver me anytime he chose to!

Perhaps having a child like Landon in my life explains why it was 9 years later before I had my third child, Mikayla!  I had to seriously consider if I had enough energy for another child!  No, the truth is my husband and I prayed diligently for 7 years and underwent infertility treatments in order for our little miracle to be conceived.  Mikayla is now 11 years old and she is the perfect combination of her older two brothers.  Obedient, compliant with a little bit of rock ‘n roll!

Most of my working career has been spent in the ministry working in an administrative role or graphic design.  I have a natural talent for event/corporate planning, and have always enjoyed using my creativity to organize memorable parties and get-togethers!  I owned my own candy-bouquet business named "Let's Celebrate You!" for several years.  I absolutely loved it!  However, balancing a home business, being a wife and mom to three active children left no time for sleep or fun!  Prayerfully my husband and I chose to close the business.
I was adopted when I was only three days old.   I spent many years yearning to know who my natural Mom was.  My husband knew my heartache and he hired private detectives and diligently searched for her for 16 years.  God used the roller-coaster ride of our infertility to finally reveal the missing pieces of my puzzle.  Isn't that so like God to use what seems like adversity to bring you your miracle?  My husband had asked our Doctor if he would be willing to write the Judge to ask if I could have my birth records released due to my infertility, and he agreed.  A few weeks later, we received a call from an Oklahoma judge who informed us that we cannot have birth records opened because of infertility... it had to be a life or death
situation.  However, he told us that he pulled my birth record and he found out that my Momma did NOT have an infertility problem!  He said that he also discovered that my Mom was full-blooded Choctaw indian!  Oklahoma law states that they cannot withhold my indian birthright ~ and the only way I could receive it was if they gave me my birth records!  Two weeks after my miracle baby girl
was born, I received a letter from my Momma.  She gave me her telephone number, so of course I immediately called her!  It was a beautiful reunion and I was shocked to learn that I had NINE brothers and sisters that I never knew I had!  I had three beautiful years with Momma before she went to be with the Lord.  My heart was so broken that I thought it was going to literally burst open!

God used the tender condition of my heart to draw me closer to Him.  I came to know my God in a way that I had never experienced as He wrapped His arms around me with a blanket of Comfort and Love. Although I had been a Christian for many years and served Him in church and ministry, a veil was lifted   
from my eyes and I began to feel God's pull to grow deeper in Him and His Word.  I began to fall deeply in love with my Savior in a way that I had never known.  Every moment that I could steal away, I chose to spend with Him.

(to be continued....)