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I've listed some of my topics below with their descriptions.  I am always open and excited about developing new messages to coincide with the keynote topic you have set for your event.  I especially love to develop new messages from a specific scripture.  God's Word is powerful, and I look forward to seeking Him together!

Have you ever been in a situation where you have been disappointed… or devastated by a situation in your life?  It doesn’t have to be the death of a loved one… oh, how I pray that its not!  But, grief comes in many different packages.  What has happened to you that has completely rocked your world? 

Maybe it is the death of a marriage.  You had hopes and dreams to spend your life with someone and now that dream has been crushed.  Maybe you’ve experienced grief through a health crisis.  You or a loved one is walking through the grief of having to learn how to live life with these new health challenges.  Your days are now full of Dr. visits and tests and treatments.  How you long for the carefree and ordinary days.  Perhaps you’ve lost your job, or had a career change.  Your identity that you got from your work is gone, and your financial security has been threatened.  Perhaps you’ve lost your home… the place where you’ve raised your family and invested your time and money and energy in is now in the hands of someone else.

There is a gut-wrenching friction that all of us find at some point in our lives.  It’s a conflict that we struggle to process when we find ourselves caught living between the promises of God’s Word and the miracle that we’re believing for that has not yet manifested.

What do you do when you find yourself in this very awkward place?  You’re screaming to get out but you’re in the dark, and there’s no light at the end of your tunnel! 

This is the story of the journey I walked through when my husband and I found ourselves unemployed and a few months after that we lost our 19-year old son.  It's a story of the beautiful redemption and power of God's love.  It's a testimony of God's faithfulness to His promises and you're sure to leave equipped to walk through life's storms making the CHOICE to PRAISE GOD in ALL things!
174 DAYS

One of the last conversations I had with my son, he shared with me how much he wanted me to get healthy.  Oh, how I wanted that too!  A week later, I was making arrangements to bury my 19-year old son.  I remember saying to myself as I got ready for his funeral that I would NOT gain weight!  However, only 6 months after our devestating loss, I stepped on the scale to realize I had gained another 60 pounds.  God heard my plea for help, and He sent in the troops to rescue me!

I was blessed to be cast in Season 1 of "HEAVY", A&E's newest documentary which chronicles the lives of 22 obese people and their journey to get their health back.  I spent one month at a resort where I underwent a strict and regimented diet, exercise and therapy program.  The cameras followed me for 5 additional months as I struggled to implement the changes I learned while I was away into my daily life.  You can read more about my weightloss journey here!

I began this journey on Landon's birthday month in 2010, and it is my desire to reach my goal weight on June 27, 2011.  I have set an aggressive goal of losing 100 pounds in 174 days!  I know with Landon as my inspiration and God by my side, that I am destined to cross that victory line!

My heart is to share what I have learned and to equip others so that they can meet their goals!  We have 23 ladies who are bonding together so that we can all reach our personal weightloss goals in 174 days!  It thrills me to know that Landon's life is helping to bring renewed life and hope to others!